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Tips for a smooth translation process Tips for a smooth translation process
Hannah Jung
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Hannah Jung
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Hannah Jung
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Tips for a smooth translation process
For LSPs
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Hannover Messe 2019
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Hannah Jung
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Team Hannah Jung
Team Hannah Jung
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ProLinguo’s Smart Translation Factory Smart Translation Factory
Hannover Messe 2019
Loctimize Group 2019
Professional translation and localisation service from Hanover Translation & localisation 110451937 Tomasz Zajda Adobe Stock
Business translations
For businesses
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ProLinguo services - translation, interpreting and more Services 50527555 contrastwerkstatt Adobe Stock
Professional technical translations from Hanover Technical translations 285235657 Gorodenkoff Productions OU Adobe Stock
Legal translations 316945230 Morakot Adobe Stock
Financial translations 235512666 peterschreiber media Adobe Stock
Medical device translations from Hanover Medical device translations
Translations for clinical research
Translation of safety data sheets
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Medical device translations from Hanover Medical device translations 188364394 kaliantye Adobe Stock
Translations for clinical research 314973138 H Ko Adobe Stock
Translations for clinical research by ProLinguo in Hanover Translations for clinical research 200277997 rh2010 Adobe Stock
IT & telecommunications specialist translations 286399156 jamesteohart Adobe Stock
Marketing translation & communications 303642564 blackday Adobe Stock
Translations for advertising agencies Translations for advertising agencies 363140282 QNDABCREATIVITY Adobe Stock
Business translations 197838016 ty Adobe Stock
Translation of safety data sheets 334418466 Quality Stock Arts Adobe Stock
Translators for the equestrian sector Translators for the equestrian sector 212932015 Countrypixel Adobe Stock
Certified translations by ProLinguo Certified translations 256957375 ilkercelik Adobe Stock
Interpreting by ProLinguo from Hanover Interpreting 23939929 Ingo Bartussek Adobe Stock
Interpreting 115144861 WavebreakMediaMicro Adobe Stock
Corporate language & terminology management
Partners & references
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Simultaneous interpreters make your conferences a success Interpreting 243368123 aerogondo Adobe Stock
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Interpreting 20214220 nyul Adobe Stock
Telephone interpreting Telephone interpreting 276749403 / 324509761 spaskov (276749403) / goodluz (324509761) Adobe Stock
Telephone interpreting 208238120 Brian Jackson Adobe Stock
Remote interpreting by ProLinguo Remote interpreting 167399935 Andrey Popov Adobe Stock
Remote interpreting 307168891 Prostock Studio Adobe Stock
Remote interpreting 74762402 Bacho Foto Adobe Stock
Software localisation 208367386 Gorodenkoff Productions OU Adobe Stock
Proxy website localisation by ProLinguo Website localisation 40573990 strixcode Adobe Stock
Terminology management: use business and corporate language wisely, save costs, improve quality. Speak to us now. Corporate language & terminology management 201147324 KanchanaP- Adobe Stock
Corporate language and terminology management from Hanover Corporate language & terminology management 28687635 granata68 Adobe Stock
Transcreation & copywriting 143009834 helga1981 Adobe Stock
Transcreation & copywriting 221592767 Wayhome-Studio Adobe Stock
Subtitling 225395390 Mr Music Adobe Stock
Subtitles from Hanover Subtitling 87310034 Nicoletaionescu Adobe Stock
Editing and Proofreading 89168849 denisismagilov Adobe Stock
Editing and Proofreading from Hanover Editing and Proofreading

For freelancers

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Multilingual DTP & foreign-language typesetting 88222430 Kozirsky Adobe Stock
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ProLinguo Review Portal James Poelmann
ProLinguo Review Portal for translations ProLinguo Review Portal

Invoice information

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Translations in 50 languages by ProLinguo Languages 40722050 derege Adobe Stock
Tips for a smooth translation process 306677976 Yoshitaka Adobe Stock
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Job vacancies 213811060 pathdoc Adobe Stock
Winner of the START-AWARD Niedersachsen 2010 with Anna Kaleta from ProLinguo and patron Honey Deihimi About us asfc gmbh und agentur marks
Corporate responsibility & sustainability 84392910 Juergen Faelchle Adobe Stock
Quality & Security 82169199 Coloures-Pic Adobe Stock
Example projects 324219826 Alextanya Adobe Stock
Hannover Messe 2019 79803812 Panoramarx Adobe Stock
FAQ 224160000 Vlad Chorniy Adobe Stock
Specialist Arabic translations Specialist Arabic translations ZQ Lee Unsplash
Bulgarian specialist translations Christopher Rusev Unsplash
Chinese specialist Translations Ling Tang Unsplash
Danish specialist translations Tim Trad Unsplash
English ↔ German specialist translations German specialist translations Claudio Schwarz Unsplash
English specialist translations
Eva Dang Unsplash
Finnish specialist translations Thomas Drouault Unsplash
French specialist translations Pedro Lastra Unsplash
Greek specialist translations Vesela Vaclavikova Unsplash
Professional Italian ↔ German translations by ProLinguo in Hanover for legal, medical and technical texts in 70 specialist fields. Italian specialist translations Caleb Miller Unsplash
Japanese specialist translations Japanese specialist translations Christian Joudrey Unsplash
Korean specialist translations Yeo Khee Unsplash
Croatian specialist translations Dimitry Anikin Unsplash
Dutch specialist translations
Adrien Olichon Unsplash
Norwegian specialist translations Darya Tryfanava Unsplash
Polish specialist translations Zosia Korcz Unsplash
Portuguese specialist translations 94528263 Boris Stroujko Adobe Stock
Romanian specialist translations Majkl Velner Unsplash
Russian specialist translations Nikolay Vorobye Unsplash
Swedish specialist translations Swedish specialist translations Raphael Andres Unsplash
Slovakian specialist translations Katarzyna Pe Unsplash
Specialist Slovenian specialist translations Neven Krcmarek Unsplash
Spanish specialist translations Jorg Fernandez Salas Unsplash
Czech specialist translations Jaromir Kavan Unsplash
Turkish specialist translations Fatih Unsplash
Hungarian specialist translations Nina Tabatadze Unsplash
The consequences of poor terminology management – A hypothetical case study Blog: Die Auswirkungen von mangelhaftem Terminologiemanagement – Eine fiktive Fallstudie 246737630 9dreamstudio Adobe Stock
Microsoft Language Portal Blog: Microsoft Language Portal 176329357 Rawpixel.com Adobe Stock
Wayback Machine Blog: Wayback Machine 212307718 De Visu Adobe Stock
ProLinguo Translation Services from Hanover celebrates 15 years Blog: 15 Jahre ProLinguo 321605504 Stanislav Adobe Stock
Blog: Übersetzerpreise in der Coronapandemie 228877361 whyframeshot Adobe Stock
SAP-Terminologie einfacher recherchieren Blog: SAP-Terminologie einfacher recherchieren 199458932 Eva Adobe Stock
H- und P-Sätze übersetzen Blog: H- und P-Sätze übersetzen 102576340 peterschreiber.media Adobe Stock
Halbgeviertstrich Blog: Der Halbgeviertstrich 248500652 stokkete Adobe Stock
Qualitätssicherung bei Übersetzungen Blog: Qualitätssicherung bei Übersetzungen 306781140 tostphoto Adobe Stock
Praktikum im Übersetzungsbüro Blog: Praktikum im Übersetzungsbüro – Berit im Projektmanagement 253035402 ssstocker Adobe Stock
Blog: ProLinguo ist jetzt Mitglied im QSD Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands e.V.
Post-Editing Blog: Post-Editing 321694659 Zarya Maxim Adobe Stock
Optimale Übersetzung: Diese 6 Dinge sind unverzichtbar Blog: 6 Faktoren für eine optimale Übersetzung 317067577 Prostock-studio Adobe Stock
Pre-Editing verbessert die Ergebnisee bei maschineller Übersetzung Blog: Pre-Editing 247205404 peshkov Adobe Stock
Übersetzung von Marketing-Texten Blog: Übersetzung von Marketing-Texten 212682684 neonshot Adobe Stock
ProLinguo Translation Agency Blog: Goodbye 2020 James Poelmann
Übersetzungsbüro ProLinguo wünscht frohe Ostern Blog: Frohe Ostern! 196011610 Robert Kneschke Adobe Stock
Curious woman looking through a magnifying glass Blog: Juristische Übersetzungen – alle wichtigen Infos 208497490 pathdoc Adobe Stock
Maschinenbau Übersetzungen ProLinguo Blog: Übersetzungen Maschinenbau: Darauf kommt es an  300194729 Maksym Yemelyanov Adobe Stock
CAT-Tools für Uebersetzer ProLinguo Blog: CAT-Tools für Übersetzer:innen 118479814 olly Adobe Stock
Neural Machine Translation Blog: Neural Machine Translation 376488024 Blue Planet Studio Adobe Stock
Blog: Untertitelung & Übersetzung von Untertiteln 329536108 Davide Angelini Adobe Stock
Blog: Der Übersetzungsbegleiter – Teil 1 bruce mars Unsplash
Frau in elegantem Business-Outfint steht vor Glasfront eines EU-Gebäudes. Blog: Die Translation Memorys der EU 161998245 rh2010 Adobe Stock
Blog: Weihnachtsgruß James Poelmann
Neural Machine Translation Blog: Gedanken zur neural Machine Translation 303550779 lidiia Adobe Stock
Planet earth and blue human eye Blog: Der Übersetzungsbegleiter – Teil 2 65471228 alexis84 AdobeStock
Woman at trade fair Blog: Übersetzen von Jahresabschlüssen nach IFRS und HGB 107251871 conorcrowe AdobeStock
A fluffy rabbit looks at the camera perplexed with knowledge Blog: Tills Zukunftstag Helena Lopes Unsplash
Powerful young woman in a success pose Blog: Gendern leichtgemacht – 7 Strategien für eine genderinklusivere Sprache 223784218 Tierney Adobe Stock
Angedetschter dunkelgrauer VW Käfer - technische Übersetzungen Blog: Technische Übersetzungen und ihre Fallstricke RoonZ_nl Unsplash
man and woman holding a mobile control panel while next to an industrial robot Blog: HMI-Texte richtig übersetzen @kawasakiroboticsceehub Unsplash
Two people with safety helmets at a control panel, around them parts of a conveyor system, a robot arm, monitors, control cabinets. https://www.prolinguo.com/heisst-es-das-hmi-oder-die-hmi/ Mech Mind Unsplash
kleines Mädchen und kleiner Junge stecken die Köpfe zusammen und tuscheln. https://www.prolinguo.com/geschlechtergerecht-sprechen/ Saeed Karimi Unsplash